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Thank You

Out of the darkness
There came a light one day,
Showed me the Earth and the moon,
The sun and the rain.

I had no use for eyes before
Your smile appeared.
Your presence opened my heart
The day you held me near.

I was feeling so worthless,
You made me feel like gold.
You’re like a suit of armor
I wear against the cold.

I had no use for smiles until
Your heart appeared.
You showed a man how to laugh, and
Fall in love.

Now I just want to thank you
For saving my life, and
Babe, you’ve got to have
Faith in me that I’m right, and
If you want me to please go,
I’ll plead a tragic case... because
There’s no one on Earth that can
Take your place

I was ready to turn back,
But you brought me a roadmap.
Laid it out where our
Paths crossed with destiny.

Thought I needed some leeway
On a lover’s freeway.
Now the road’s so much
Smoother than it used to be.

Thank you, my love.
You turned a hopeful journey into
Something real,
And I just want you to know... that you have
Shaken every bone inside me.

And I
Hope that I can
Make you happy too.

lyrics by Alek Vila
©1999 Racing Heart Records