You sit alone
With the blinds closed
And lights down low,

Wandering down that old dark path
Where day becomes night
And nothing feels right.

You say you’ve lost all hope.
There’s nothing left but empty inside,
And you’re too tired to move,
But you’d like to run away if you could.

Yeah, it’s so easy
To be so lonely.

I’ll say my prayers tonight
That you don’t let go.
Without the will to fight
It’s hard to speak honestly,
And be who you want to be.

You don’t have to wait for a sign,
Or until the answers comes.
Sometimes we feel so lost
That anywhere’ where we’d rather be.

It’s hard to believe...

But it’s so easy
To be so lonely
That you might leave.

Come take my hand.
Let’s step out of this space.
Maybe you don’t see love in your view,
But there’s a whole wide world just waiting.

There’s a whole wide world,
There’s a whole wide world,
There’s a whole wide world
Just a-waiting here for you.

lyrics by Alek Vila
©2001, 2021 Racing Heart Records